Deep freeze

//Deep freeze

Deep freeze

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office-windowI’m sure plenty of you are tired of hearing about the cold in the Midwest. yesterday, the temperature didn’t go above zero degrees all day.

Through my window, it looks beautiful. The sky is clear and blue, the sun sparkles on the snow. But it’s weather best enjoyed through a window.

This kind of cold is not just something to complain about. You’re painfully aware that the conditions are not just annoying, but very dangerous. My husband’s car wouldn’t start when he was out last night, he had to have it jumped. Extreme cold makes life very difficult. For those who are on the street, it is unimaginable.

It also makes you incredibly grateful for things like a working furnace, a roof over head. Just today, I got an e-mail to let me know that a family from our church lost their home, and everything in it, to a fire.

They’re devastated, of course, but grateful that they are safe, and that friends are rallying to help them.

Can you see the beauty in the struggles? Have you ever found that difficult circumstances have made you grateful?

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  1. Dianne January 16, 2009 at 5:15 pm - Reply

    Hi Keri. Boy I do remember those cold midwest winters. it is cold here in Pittsburgh today too, maybe 4 deg. But nothing beats Chicago for that bone-chilling cold. And you know that goofy college I went to? Up until my last years there, we’d have to go out on Saturdays in it. Talk about dangerous. Finally they made a rule if it was below zero at 7am on Sat., girls were not allowed out. But we couldn’t go anywhere then – all day! Bizarro!

    Oh well, stay warm and dry and all that happy stuff. I’m pretty sure my husband will make us a fire tonight. Nothing makes cold more bearable than a good fire in the woodstove!

    I feel for your friends who lost their home, having lost ours to fire when I was 13. Friendships become lifelines, literally, through times like that. I will keep them in my prayers tonight.

  2. Linn January 16, 2009 at 9:54 pm - Reply

    It’s hard to explain to my two boys how tough it must be to be homeless when it’s generally so warm around here. I hope Chicago has opened up plenty of shelters this season. Glad you’re warm and toasty and enjoying the sun sparkling on the snow.

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