Healing Solitude

Healing Solitude

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In the last seven days, I’ve stood up in front of people and given a talk seven times.

Today, after giving two messages back to back at a retreat, I came home thinking I’d need to give words and time to my family. As much as I wanted to be with them, the thought made me weary. ¬†Instead, I had time alone to write. I saw each of my family members briefly, as they ran through the house on their way somewhere else.

So here I sit in healing, replenishing solitude. God’s goodness to me is astounding.

On the couch, with a fire in the fireplace, I am replenished from all that talking by the quiet of a Sabbath evening. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how I”m feeling.

when you get what you need without even asking, when you don’t even realize that it’s exactly what you need: that’s grace.

Question: where have you experienced unexpected grace lately? How did you respond?

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  1. Shari Dragovich November 13, 2011 at 10:33 am - Reply

    While preparing for some upcoming blog posts on adoption…

    In October, I had asked fellow adoptive families for their stories, struggles, hopes and joys to add voices other than my own for this November month of blogging on adoption. Last night, one of my friends handed me four typed pages pulled from her own blog sharing her heart and Scriptures which fed her soul during the first many years home (and still) of having her son home from Russia.

    My eyes filled with tears as I read words I could have written. Sentiments I know all too well. And, then, Scripture to speak Truth I so needed to hear – without realizing until that that moment I needed to hear it.

    Amazing, amazing Grace.

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  3. Bonnie Way November 30, 2011 at 8:18 pm - Reply

    My neighbour came over this afternoon and offered to watch my daughters for me so that I could get some homework done. That was a huge blessing! It’s hard to concentrate on writing while they are playing in the background, and often I feel guilty for ignoring them so that I can write. It was nice to know that they were having fun while I was writing without distraction. ūüôā

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