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Helping those in need

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The holidays loom on the horizon, and with them, requests to donate to any number of worthy causes.

so it is with both boldness and trepidation that I write today to tell you about my friend Lawrice. I first wrote about him back in August. Lawrice grew up in tough neighborhoods in chicago and Milwaukee, but he pursued his dreams of singing and dancing. He got scholarships and loans to be able to go to college, but needed a bit of help. Many of you provided that help. Now Lawrice is getting straight A’s in college, is working hard–but he needs a little help.  

Briefly, Lawrice is going to college at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, mostly because many of you have made donations to help him.

Last week, someone stole Lawrice’s wallet from his dorm room. He recovered the wallet, but unfortunately, the thief drained his bank account.  He told me about it several days later, when he was down to eating pretzels because he had no money to buy food.

I called the school and put some money into his account so that he could eat. And another friend who’s helping him was actually in Los Angeles visiting, and she was able to take him out for dinner.

We got a lot of donations in September to help pay his tuition through November, but his next payment of $440 is due Dec. 1. I’m hoping that we can raise that, and then some, to help him. Donations can be sent directly to American Musical and DRamatic Adademy, 6305 Yucca Street, Los Angeles, CA 90028, attention Elizabeth O’Brien. Be sure to include a note to Elizabeth, telling her that your contribution is for Lawrice Johnson. The check should be made out to “AMDA” and you can put Lawrice Johnson in the memo section.

I realize there are many good causes out there to contribute to. Often, when we donate money to charity, a percentage of the money goes to running the charity itself. But in this case, every penny goes directly to this young man’s education. Lawrice is an amazing person, who has risen above his circumstances to try and achieve his dreams. He was selected as the choreographer for the student production this year, an honor given to only one student. He’s getting all A’s and working hard. But he just needs a bit of help.  Pray and see where God leads, and then follow.

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  1. Ellen November 24, 2008 at 4:24 pm - Reply


    Thanks for keeping us updated on Lawrice and the chance to help!


  2. Heather Gemmen Wilson December 15, 2008 at 8:33 am - Reply

    Hi Keri. Thanks for informing us about Lawrice’s need. I am moved by his story, and would like to help. (My adopted son grew up in the inner city and faced difficulties like Lawrice has. I love seeing people rise above their circumstances … and I love being a part of the process.)

    Question: Does Lawrice’s church or school or other supporting institution have a matching program so that the dollars we give are doubled? I ask this because I have a son in university, and every dollar my church donates to his education, the school matches. If all of us who want to help donate the money to his church, earmarked for this cause, would the school match it?

    PS I love your book (Simple Compassion), and am honored to be editing it.


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