How to write an excellent book review

//How to write an excellent book review

How to write an excellent book review

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In today’s publishing world, the books that get the most attention end up getting more attention. So one of the best ways to support your favorite author is to not only buy their book, but to post a review on,, or any of your favorite online sellers. Books that have more reviews get more marketing support, which of course generates more reviews, and so on.

But if you’re a reader and not a writer, the thought of crafting a review may feel intimidating. So for those who need some help, here’s a simple way to write a online review. (And yes, this is a repeat of information I offered a few days ago to help those who are reviewing my newest book, Deeply Loved: 40 Ways in 40 Days to Experience the Heart of Jesus)

Write a short headline that uses an adjective (Life-changing, compelling, insightful, amazing) to describe the key benefit of the book, followed by a synonym for book (guide, resource, devotional, read, etc.)

Then fill in the blanks:

(loved/enjoyed/appreciated) this book because it: (name two things it taught you or you liked about it).

It’s a great resource for (moms/dads/skeptics/small groups–describe who you see as ideal audience) because (tell why it’s a good fit for specific audience).

This book surprised me with its: (something special you didn’t expect or highlight of the book).  I simply couldn’t put it down!

If you (want to get closer to God/want to strengthen your faith/have a pulse), I highly recommend this book!

Okay, see, that was easy, right? If you review any of my books, please let me know by leaving a comment here!

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  1. Jennifer Rene Owens April 1, 2014 at 3:13 am - Reply

    Thanks, Keri. I am beginning a group with several writers, and one of the most telling items of knowing which author you absolutely adore with their writing style, is knowing “WHY” that author resonates with you. I believe it’s a part of our nature, our development and our calling all intwined together to help us know how we are also connected with others’ in our lives and how their purpose connects to our own purpose. I myself, have witnessed this about you. You are the only author I currently know that I actually ‘own’ several books; and the resource I find in YOUR BOOKS, is a divinely kept secret. In fact,your books are the only books I am noticin just now; with the exception of a few others, are the ones I tend to make certain I review. I believe it’s not just by chance your books have found their way to me. I find through your books, God has purposed and designed my life; and connects me to my “tribe”, if you will. My tribe NEEDS WHAT YOU WRITE ABOUT. And that’s ‘pretty durn important!'(… as they would say in Texas.) Selah. Thanks again, Jennifer.

    • keri April 1, 2014 at 3:37 am - Reply

      Wow, thanks Jennifer. I’m honored. You’re too kind. Thank you. Good luck with the writers group!

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