Darkness that lets us see the light

By |2018-03-02T16:30:24-06:00February 17th, 2016|

Part of me did not want to go to church. Another part of me longed for it, in a shaky, hungry sort of way. The hunger won out. At The Practice, the gathering we attend [...]

The favor of God

By |2018-03-02T16:42:56-06:00December 19th, 2012|

The sun has not shone here in the midwest for days. In this deep and dark December, I'm aware of my own shortcomings, my own mistakes--the darkness of pride, discontent, anger inside me. Life has [...]

Loving mercy

By |2011-07-26T13:28:49-05:00July 26th, 2011|

If someone wrongs you, the Bible clearly tells us: show mercy to them. Last week, during mid-week worship, we prayed the Lord's Prayer. Even though we used the version that says "forgive us our debts.." [...]

Daily Bread

By |2018-03-02T19:01:15-06:00November 22nd, 2010|

For the last fifteen years or so, my husband and I have been self-employed. Buying our own health insurance, working odd hours. Chaos is normal, but so is freedom. The flexibility worked for us as [...]

Sufficient grace

By |2018-03-02T19:03:49-06:00March 2nd, 2009|

Today, I have been married eighteen years. In a row. To the same person. This is no small accomplishment, given our culture’s view of marriage as a disposable commodity. And given that I am married [...]

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