Life in a dead branch

By |2018-03-02T19:01:25-06:00October 25th, 2010|

My neighbor’s weeping willow slouches, with ominous melancholy, toward our back fence. Its branches do just that—weep—onto our yard: twigs and small slender tear-shaped leaves. It invades the airspace of my backyard, and has, on [...]


By |2008-10-16T17:13:33-05:00October 16th, 2008|

I'm writing this from my hotel lobby in Brea, CA. I spoke this morning in San Clemente, at the Shoreline Church, where not only the women but also two of the pastors had read and [...]

An outdoor soul

By |2018-03-02T19:06:42-06:00July 14th, 2008|

My family and I just returned from a vacation in Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Five days spent hiking, seeing wildlife and just driving through some amazing scenery reminded me just how [...]

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