I’m back to work after a week long trip to take my daughter to college, as you saw from my previous post. It was great to take some time off but I’m always glad to get back to work, doing what I enjoy. After time in the mountains and on the beach, I’m refreshed and ready to work again.

reflecting on the splendor of creation in Arches Natl. Park

A nice welcome home: My post on “the M-word” (on being both a writer and a marketer of what you write, currently up on the Redbud Writers Guild blog) seems to be resonating with writers (it’s getting some buzz on Twitter). The kind folks at the Englewood Review of Books included it in their “interesting bits of book news” this week. I’d love it if you posted a comment at either of these sites, or shared the link with friends: http://erb.kingdomnow.org/book-news-and-conversations-31-august-2012/

My question today is about work and vacations. If you took time off this summer, what was it like to come back to work? Did you return energized and enthused? Or did you dread going back to work?  I find this an interesting question because I think how you feel about going back to work after time off tells you some important things about whether you are working in an area that uses your strengths, and fits with your calling. What do  you think?