Book winner, and how to win more books

Book winner, and how to win more books

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Congratulations to Shauna V., who left a comment on Free Book Friday and was randomly selected to win a copy of Rest: Living in Sabbath Simplicity. Shauna, look for an email from me with details.

Today, I’d like to hear your questions about the practice of Sabbath. What do you want to know about this ancient command and practice? Maybe you have questions about why we should even be talking about it. Let’s hear your thoughts.

As our final giveaway this month, we’re partnering with the team at C. Grant & Co. Marketing, which runs Win Books Weekly. There are five books being given away next Friday. There are multiple ways to enter the drawing, but the easiest is if you have a Twitter account. Simply follow New Christian Books @NewChristianBks, and retweet the daily tweets about the giveaway. Each retweet gives you an entry in the drawing. You can also go to WinBooksWeekly and find an alternate entry.


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  1. Ingrid December 1, 2012 at 12:33 pm - Reply

    Hello Keri,
    I was intriuged to read more of your posts to find out if you are talking about Sabbath being from sundown friday to sundown Saturday? I was brought up a Seventh Day Adventist, and so was brought up KEEPING the Sabbath. I walked away from the church and all practices at a young age. In my mid twenties I recognized my need for Jesus!!!! Not my need for church rituals and all that comes with that. In my search for a church to fellowship with I studied the Bible questioning why some people go to church on Sunday and some on Sabbath. The more I studied I saw that the Lord had not changed His day of worship to Sunday, it was still Sabbath. Jesus kept the Sabbath, the new testament completely is full of stories of people keeping Sabbath and preparing for it. Even in death Jesus rested on Sabbath and raised on Sunday. So I realized that I was going to keep the Sabbath because that was what Jesus did, and so would I. I have searched for a group of people who keep the Sabbath and aren’t extremely legalistic. I find those people everywhere, but not in one specific church. Hmmmm that is my story. What is yours?

    • Keri Wyatt Kent December 1, 2012 at 12:48 pm - Reply

      Hi Ingrid, thanks for stopping by my blog. I address your question in my book Rest: Living in Sabbath Simplicity. It’s important to realize that in the ancient world, the designations of “Friday” and “Saturday” were set up during the Greco-Roman empire. And calendars of people before then shifted and changed. You can actually go to the amazon page for Rest and click “search inside this book” and search for the term “which day?” Read the section that begins on p. 81. Here’s the link to the amazon page:
      I’m glad that you are trying to find a way to keep Sabbath but not be completely legalistic about it. I’d love to have a dialog about this after you’ve read that little section of my book–I’d love to hear what you think.

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