So, I was planning to do two things yesterday: post something here for our study, and go skiing. Neither happened.

On the way to the ski slope, my friend Susy and I came upon the scene of a fatal motorcycle accident on the mountain road. I’m frankly not ready to write about it in detail just yet. But it was a divine appointment in many ways. As I offered care and consolation to a woman at the scene, I was constantly praying, asking God for help, asking Jesus to give me wisdom and give others comfort.

In Deeply Loved, our Presence Practice for today is fixed hour prayer, where we intentionally pray at intervals through the day. We get busy and distracted, we need to draw our hearts back to center.

In a traumatic situation, the Bible’s admonition to “pray without ceasing” becomes not an effort but a reflex. And even in these moments, prayer is not an endless flow of my words, but a quiet searching, an aching listening. Prayer without ceasing should always be about listening as much or more than speaking.

Up in the mountains, where I went to relax (ha!) for a day after teaching all weekend, I have trouble getting a cell phone signal. I need to set my phone in a precise spot in the house to even get through. This also made me think about prayer.

God is always available, always able to hear us. The call never gets dropped, but we sometimes forget to even connect. Until we find ourselves in a desperate situation.

Do not wait for struggle or tragedy to push you to prayer. Keep the lines of communication open. Talk to God through you day, but more importantly, listen. Be attuned to the divine whispers.

What does praying without ceasing look like to you?