I’m so excited to announce that my new book, GodSpace: Embracing the Inconvenient Adventure of Intimacy with God is available for pre-order now. This book is the one I’ve been longing to write for years–and finally have. In it’s pages, you’ll find encouragement and mentoring and a gentle challenge to grow by stepping out of your comfort zone to embrace the inconvenient (but oh-so-worth it) adventure of intimacy with God.

Explore spiritual practices like hospitality, generosity, simplicity and others, that are not separate from your “real life” but fully integrated into your daily routine. God is right there, you just need to create a little space to notice and connect.

If you’re longing for a spiritual mentor, a friend to walk with you on this messy but joyful journey with God, this book gives you that.

GodSpace can be pre-ordered on Barnes & Noble  or on Amazon.

godspace cover small

When we live hurried and distracted, we miss the chance to experience the intimacy we long for. GodSpace offers clear, practical guidance, mixed with wit and warmth. Embrace the inconvenience of meeting God in seven areas of your life:

  • Sabbath: Space In My Calendar
  • Hospitality: Space In My Home
  • Worship: Space In The World
  • Simplicity: Space In My Soul
  • Gratitude: Space In My Relationships
  • Generosity: Space In My Budget
  • Critical Thinking: Space For Faith & Doubt