A few days ago, a group of readers and I gathered for the first “Rest event.” Thanks to my assistant Wendy Rosman, we enjoyed a terrific lunch at the Inverness Golf Club. Over lunch, we had a great discussion about Rest: Living in Sabbath Simplicity.

The group had great things to say about the book. A number of them noted that Rest is a book that invites you to practice Sabbath, in a “no guilt, no legalism” way.

Here’s what one reviewer said about the book: “I love that she emphasizes the freedom of Sabbath; that it is not a list of unrealistic or legalistic rules, but an encouragement to stop and recognize and celebrate God’s place in our lives, our relationships, our jobs, and our world in whatever ways we can. While still keeping her characteristic gentle voice, Kent brings the reader to realize that Christians need to move beyond a life where our relationships with God are pushed into a convenient corner as we go through the busy-ness of our days. Sabbath, Kent teaches, “is a day to rest and refresh ourselves, but it is so much more. It is a day to remember. Our remembering creation, deliverance and salvation points us toward remembering the deep love God has for us.”

While the book officially releases on Jan. 1, you can pre-order it from on-line sellers. Christianbook.com, where a number of readers who got advanced copies have put reviews, says that orders will ship “on or around Dec. 5” which is today. Click here to read reviews or order the book. You can also order Rest, starting today, by calling Zondervan Publishing’s Church Source department at 800-727-3480.