Suddenly, Easter is next weekend. But this week, like any other, is busy and full.

But it is, after all, Holy Week. A week where, if we can find make the time, we want to reflect, connect. It should be the most significant week of the year for Christ followers.

What does Holy Week have to do with our wired lives? Where can our 24/7 lives intersect with the slow, significant events of Christ’s journey to the cross?

My post at The High Calling today attempts to answer these questions. It’s the first in a three-part series connecting our everyday lives with scenes from Holy Week: at the table, in the garden, and at the cross.

Here’s a short bit from today’s post  on meeting Jesus at the table.

Jesus, the itinerant rabbi, knew what it was like to be busy, to feel pulled in many directions by the needs of people. He didn’t carry a smart phone, but he certainly knew what it was like to be interrupted (which is, most of the time, what your smart phone does). In fact, many of his healings and miracles happened as a result of interruptions (blind men along a road, a woman tugging at his cloak, and so on). His disciples, it seems, also found themselves overscheduled and overwhelmed… (Click to read all of Why Holy Week Matters)

Click on over, read the rest of my post, and let me know what you think.