One of the greatest blessings of this life is finding people who are like-minded, who “get” you, in all your quirkiness and eccentricity.

Last spring I found a group of such people, and became a part of an amazing writer’s group: Redbud Writer’s Guild. I’d been looking for a group for years. Most writers have critique groups or partners, people who can read their writing and make it better by offering feedback, people who understand why you love books, words, writing. When I am with these women, I feel a sense of relief–I am not the only one to whom a well-crafted sentence is a thing of beauty. But I felt like I didn’t fit the “Christian author” mold, for many reasons–including my views of women and the church (firmly egalitarian).  I kept praying for a group.

So when I connected and became a part of Redbud Writer’s Guild, I was positively giddy. Our monthly meetings  bring me joy. I am among sisters who “get” me and it’s worth more than I can even put into words. Add the fact that this group’s stated purpose is “Fearlessly expanding the feminine voice in our churches, communities and culture,” and I can’t even begin to describe my excitement. Pinch me, I think I’m dreaming.

Today, we launched our website! To be a part of this group utterly amazes me. These are women to watch in Christian publishing.

So consider this your invitation to visit our website, become a fan on Facebook, read our blog. Prepare to be inspired!