By |2011-10-16T21:37:51-05:00October 16th, 2011|

I'm speaking on Sabbath next month, so I thought I'd take some notes on what Sabbath looks like at our house, with two teenagers. Fire, fierce and warming, glows in the worn brick fireplace in [...]

Seeing (and loving) the invisible

By |2018-03-02T18:59:44-06:00October 12th, 2011|

If you don’t know the suburbs, they can look homogenous, a never ending landscape of tract houses and strip malls. But behind what was designed to be safe and middle class and predictable is an [...]

Self-discovery through service

By |2011-06-11T13:01:26-05:00June 11th, 2011|

When my son Aaron had to write an essay in school this year about a difficult experience in his life, he chose to write about having to go to a Christian summer camp for a [...]

back to school

By |2009-08-25T15:10:45-05:00August 25th, 2009|

My daughter will begin her sophomore year of high school tomorrow. So today she asked if we could take her friends over to school to walk their schedules and put their supplies in their lockers. As [...]

Parenting teens

By |2018-03-02T19:03:40-06:00March 28th, 2009|

In the last few years, I've noticed something odd. When I would tell people that my daughter was 13 (or 14), they'd furrow their brow, and say "oohh," with a mixture of cynicism and sympathy [...]

Parenting middle-schoolers

By |2008-07-07T19:50:25-05:00July 7th, 2008|

Loving your kids looks different in every season of life. My darlings graduated sixth and eighth grade last month. These middle years are challenging, but so far, sort of fun. Flexibility is key. As with [...]

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