By 7 a.m., my husband had left for an early morning meeting, my son had been picked up for volleyball camp. My daughter, who is fighting a cold, still jet-lagged, and well, 17, is still asleep.

The kitchen is a mess–we had friends over last night for dinner and sat around visiting instead of cleaning up. I hate to waste the precious moments of quiet doing a chore. I’ll likely press my daughter into service when she awakes.

But meanwhile, the prospect of a few moments of quiet are tantalizing. I should work, of course. I’m currently juggling working on a book proposal with an on-going freelance gig for a marketing company. I should walk the dog before it gets any hotter, although even at 7, the heat and humidity were intense.

If I take a moment to listen, to be still, the call is clear: be grateful. The days that I begin with a few moments of thankfulness end up being days to celebrate, even in the midst of struggles. I have to call the insurance company, I have to finish a work project, I have to do the dishes–or get someone to do them. But before the obligations, I will be grateful. I will acknowledge God’s quiet working in my life.

Today, I’m thankful for a daughter home safe after several weeks traveling in Spain. I’m grateful for clean white sheets on a hot summer night. I’m so deeply thankful for my work, and the fact I can do it from home.

I’ll pour another cup of coffee, fill the quiet space in my home and heart with thanks. I’ll pour out thanks, and be filled up.

What do you do with a bit of quiet space in your day? What are you thankful for?