I’ve had a couple of questions today about my blog tour. Just to clarify, in case you are wondering what a blog tour is, or where it is, here’s the scoop:

A blog tour means that various bloggers are “hosting” me as a guest on their site. They run an interview, photos, and/or reviews. To participate as a blogger, you let me know if you want to, and I’d send you stuff to post on your blog.
If you are not a blogger, you can just vist the blogs that are on the “tour” and leave a comment about how much you loved the book. Each blog is giving away a free copy of the book to one lucky reader who leaves a comment.
It’s a different blog, sometimes two, each day. The links to the blogs will be on my facebook page, and on my blog. tomorrow, Jan. 6, the tour takes us to blogger Karen Robbins. visit her site and leave a comment or question. 

I hope that makes sense! Also, if you want to listen to a radio interview about REST, you can go for the next few days to www.kneo.org, and click on “author’s corner” —then find my name and click on the earphones to listen. It’s actually a download, so I had to open my iTunes program to listen to it. Or, tomorrow, I will be on live at 9 a.m. CST, on radio station WDJC in Birmingham, AL. You can listen online at their website.