Kitchen gadgets and the family of God

By |2018-03-02T16:43:11-06:00December 13th, 2012|

This week I'm busy with meetings, Christmas shopping and baking, general holiday craziness. So when our friend Timothy Fall offered to do a guest column inspired by a silly conversation, I thought--why not? I don't [...]

Is Christ the center?

By |2012-01-22T22:31:41-06:00January 22nd, 2012|

A snowy weekend, spent in serving others: yesterday, a meal for a friend whose husband is in the hospital; time spent listening and loving on that friend.  Today, taking a friend's kids for the day, [...]


By |2011-10-16T21:37:51-05:00October 16th, 2011|

I'm speaking on Sabbath next month, so I thought I'd take some notes on what Sabbath looks like at our house, with two teenagers. Fire, fierce and warming, glows in the worn brick fireplace in [...]

Do you cook on Sabbath?

By |2010-05-16T17:06:52-05:00May 16th, 2010|

As we listened to a message on Sabbath keeping a couple of weeks ago, my friend leaned over and whispered in my ear, "do you cook on Sabbath?" It should be noted that I love [...]

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