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Keri Wyatt Kent is a gifted, experienced teacher who communicates spiritual truth in a down-to-earth, authentic way. Audiences connect with her honest stories, and receive practical guidance on how to find God in the story of their lives. Keri blends depth and insight with humor and candor.

Popular at writer’s conferences, this talk offers practical strategies based on Keri’s wisdom from 30 years in the publishing industry.

Wondering what exactly publishers mean by “platform” and how to build one? During this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to market your writing and books through speaking, blogging, and social media. Keri shares insights and strategies honed in her 30 years in the publishing industry,

Participants will overcome their fears and doubts about marketing, learn to use social media effectively, and discover how to get speaking gigs. They’ll come away with a specific, custom platform plan for building their platform.

This can be given as a keynote or a four-part workshop track.

Based on Keri’s latest book on spiritual practices, this is available for customized retreats, or keynote address.

This talk guides participants in an important conversation about how their busyness injures their souls and keeps them from experiencing all that God wants to give them. It offers practical guidance and mentoring on spiritual practices that both slow our pace and create space in our overcrowded, cluttered lives. If we slow down, that’s only the first step. This retreat offers a next step: being intentional about our lives enough to make space for God, and what spiritual practices to bring into that space in order to foster a deeper faith.

A look at faith, doubt, and what it means to “live the questions,” this frequently requested talk is especially popular with moms of tweens and teens.

This talk tackles questions like: why are doubts and questions essential for growth? How can we invite people in our care (whether that’s our kids, our small group, even our friends) to wrestle not just with what to think, but how to think? How can we walk with others through seasons of doubt? How can we let go of “supposed to” and embrace mystery? How does embracing mystery deepen our intimacy with God?

Keri’s most popular retreat topic, Breathe has ministered to thousands of moms across the country, inviting them to slow down, simplify, and rest.

 Are you living your life at a sane pace? Or are you hurried, worried, stressed and overwhelmed? Jesus says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened.” But how, exactly, do we do that? Wouldn’t it be nice to just have a little space to catch your breath, to live in Sabbath Simplicity?

This practical talk (it can also be presented in three parts at a retreat) looks (without judgment or despair!) at the physical, emotional and spiritual damage that a hurried life can cause. Then, it offers very practical tips on to create space for God in a hectic life. Participants will learn what motivates their hurry and over-scheduling, and learn to slow down, breathe deeply, simplify, and rest.

A humorous, relatable, but deep and encouraging keynote for a Christmas event

Planning a holiday event? Whether it’s a Christmas tea, holiday brunch or year-end event, you want a speaker who will engage audiences with laughter and fun, but also remind them about the real meaning of Christmas.

This talk looks at how to cope with the stress we associate with the holidays. Keri talks candidly about the pressures we put on ourselves during the holidays, the perfectionism that keeps us from being fully present. She takes a fresh look at Mary’s conversation with the angel Gabriel, and reminds us to be fully present (rather than focusing on past problems or future to-do lists), then gives some practical tips in keeping the holidays sane and sacred. By being present, we can receive the gift of Christmas present–Jesus himself.

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Keri’s keynote address at Karitos Arts Festival 2009

Keri Wyatt Kent on Marketing, Platform & Speaking

SBR – MDK – Class – Alive With Curiosity – Oct. 5, 2017

The Gift Of Christmas Present

So you want to write a book…

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“We recommend Keri Wyatt Kent for your event.  Keri was our keynote speaker for our annual employee recognition event.  We put Keri to the test by asking her to develop a speech for the event that was faith-based and spiritual, but would be comfortable for a wide range of audience members; from those with no-faith, a different faith, to varying degrees of Christ-followers.  She came through for us excellently and was able to touch all listeners in some way with the message of Christ. Everyone who attended was blessed by Keri’s message and her calm, casual speaking style.”

Joan Schutt, Director of Advancement Services
Providence Life Services, Tinley Park, IL

“Keri spoke to our MOPS group on overcoming spiritual loneliness. She is a captivating speaker and her passion for helping women is so apparent. I left with spiritual truths, scriptures and a game plan to strengthen my walk with Christ. I literally ran out of room on my paper from taking so many notes! I am grateful for having had the opportunity to hear God speak to me through Keri and I am joyful to have the opportunity to recommend her to your group.”

Kari Gassman
MOPS Crystal Lake, IL

“As our keynote speaker for our annual Christmas Tea, Keri brought us an engaging message, “The Gift of Christmas Present.” The message was not only fun but deeply challenging.  Keri helped us to clarify priorities for the busy Christmas season in a fresh way. Her talk motivated me to focus on what is truly important and how to build my holiday to-do list around Jesus and the people I love and care about. This is the second time that Keri has been invited to speak at an event at our church and we look forward to having her back again in the future.

Erin Chamerlik
NorthBridge Church, Antioch, IL

“Keri stands out because she is real and has a genuine desire to help women. Her stories capture her listeners’ hearts and impact them in life-changing ways.”

Allison Cabral
Certified Life Coach

“Keep sharing, you have a gift and God is using you powerfully!”

Retreat Participant

“I felt like you were speaking directly to me.”

Retreat Participant

“She was fantastic, great speaker, very organized thoughts, encouraging to me and other ladies.”

“Excellent content and great ideas.”

“Enjoyed your program very much. Thank you for pointing out that when we say ‘yes’ to someone, we say ‘no’ to our family!”

“She was worth the cost of the whole event, is an awesome speaker.”

“So relevant to a leader–they need to know how to balance ministry and family.”

“Very thoughtful, provoking, challenging.”

“I really struggle with the hurry and busyness of life. I have learned to say no, but as a servant I want to help with everything. This morning has helped me to decide to slow down and take time for time alone with God.”

“Thank you, I feel I was given tools to use to cultivate a ‘garden’ of love and friendship with Jesus!”

The small group and individual exercises were “a great mix for introverts and extroverts. It suited both types of personalities. The Lord is using you!”

“[The most significant part of the morning was] getting ideas on how to meditate on God’s word and to listen to what God is saying to me throughout the day. [The teaching] exceeded my expectations.

“Everything was great. God used Keri and this time to nudge me toward Him and to confirm things He’s been showing me about How and where He wants to grow me. Some of the tools Keri showed us–i.e., Centering Prayer and Divine Word exercises especially–these are things I can do (despite my busyness) to help me meditate and hear God more easily/often. The teaching exceeded my expectation, it kept my interest and taught me practical tools for growth.”

“I loved the focus on spiritual disciplines.”

“I enjoyed learning about solitude and meditation and listening to God.”

“I enjoyed the discussion groups because it helped with practical application.”

“I enjoyed the retreat because short teaching times were followed by opportunities to discuss/share rather than long periods spent listening. Time for solitude was great.”

“I loved Keri’s practical approach–very personable.”

“There was just enough information and teaching to set me on the pathway to much more in my relationship with Jesus. It was transformational, not just informational.”

“Keri’s teaching was great and simple.”

“She provided excellent help for day-to-day living with God in the center.”

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