The blog tour for Simple Compassion is rolling on!  this tour has two components. First, bloggers are writing about Simple Compassion, and you can visit those blogs to talk about the book. Second, the site is hosting a video chat about Simple Compassion.

 Click here to take a look at what’s been posted so far on that site. This is an interesting way to interact on-line–if you have a webcam it’s fairly easy to do. I had my daughter shoot my very informal video with her digital camera, then uploaded my 2 minute video to the site. If this sounds tricky, get your kids to help you!

 Today, my good friend Linda Bryant posted a review on her new blog. Linda and I have served together at Willow, she’s been my small group leader, and she’s a good friend. And this year she came to me looking for advice on writing, and I told her to start blogging. Writing really improves when you practice, especially if you are open to learning in the way Linda is.

Many people want to be writers, but don’t actually write. Linda, on the other hand, has been blogging and honing her craft, reading up on how to improve her craft, and looking for guidance. She’s fanning into flame the gift within her, and it’s fun to watch that happen.

I know Linda would be thrilled if you stopped by her blog. She’s got some other great posts, observations about life and parenting and change.