I love finding great quotes—thought provoking, interesting nuggets, wise and concise. I’ll often underline and flag them in books, or just find them in random spots—perhaps even in collections of quotations.

            Lately, I’ve been getting some flak for quoting certain authors. My critics make a completely illogical leap: they assume that because I quote someone, I am giving blanket endorsement to everything else that person has ever said or written.

            It’s possible that I don’t even know what else the person I’m quoting has written! When I quote someone, I’m not saying I agree with them on everything. I may not even agree with what they say in that quote—I’m merely saying it’s an interesting thought.

            I assume that you, my dear readers, have enough discernment to know that. I know that you may not agree with everything I write here, and I wouldn’t want you to. I want this blog to be a place where we can share and discuss ideas, think about how to apply our faith to our lives.

            That said, let’s share some of our favorite quotes. What wise words do you have taped to the mirror or wall? After we get a few comments I’ll share a few of mine.


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            Also, author Judith Couchman (who was a mentor and encourager to me when I first started writing books) is featuring my newsletter article on her new “Starting Over” blog. Please go over and leave a comment!