Well, it’s back to my job as taxi-driver this week. My kids both have practice (Aaron for football, Melanie for futbol (aka soccer)).

They both practice every night at 5:30, so getting them where they need to go, on time, was going to be challenging. That’s why I thank God for carpools. But tonight, I have to drive both carpools. Which means five kids in my mini-van, going to two different practices.

I really don’t pray about carpools, I figure God’s got earthquakes and famines to deal with, and I don’t want to bother him with trivial pursuits that I can handle. I do ask for wisdom every morning, and I guess that includes scheduling. But I do thank him when the practices that two kids have to go to at the same time are only a couple of blocks from each other–which is what happened today.

 If I don’t really ask God to get involved in my carpool challenges, why do I say thank you when it works out? Well, I want to live a life of gratitude. A lot of life is what you make of it. I believe that the more you say thank you, the better you believe your life to be. Happiness is a choice. So I choose to be grateful.

I also belive that the source of all good things is God himself, and that an “attitude of gratitude” is not enough–that gratitude has to be directed toward someone. I choose to direct my thanks and share my joy with my heavenly Father, because it builds our relationship of love and trust.

There are some who would call it good carpool karma, but I say, it’s just another treasure hidden in my day, another chance to find God in the midst of the story.