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deeply loved lent study

Today’s practice is often called the “review of the day.” It asks that we simply recoil the thread of our day, noticing where God met us, challenged us, encouraged us. The unexamined life is certainly missing something. We might feel nervous or afraid about looking back at our day–afraid we will be reminded of our failures. But try to think of this as a chance to sharpen your ability to notice God in the days ahead. By reviewing our day, and asking where God was in that day, we’re more finely attuned to noticing his loving presence. And please remember, friends. The voice of guilt or shame is not God’s voice. He always speaks with the voice of love. And he is always with us, whether we notice him or not.

Here’s an excerpt from Deeply Loved:

“What was the highlight of your day?” Gathered around the dinner table, this query was always on the menu. Our children, small and eager, learned to reflect, to pay attention to each day. We’d often add its counterpoint: what was the “lowlight,” the challenge you faced? We asked them to live aware and attentive: “Where did you notice God in your day?”

…By asking and listening, both at dinner and bedtime, we taught our children an ancient practice, labeled in some traditions “the examen” or “the examination of consciousness” or simply a “review of the day.” By this daily practice, we become aware of the paths our thoughts traveled, the emotions or actions that the day’s events evoked.

Question: Do you practice a review of the day regularly? When you do so, how does it impact you spiritually? How does it impact your connection with Jesus?