This morning I drove to O’Hare with another parent from our church, and we dropped our teens at the United Terminal. We hugged them goodbye and watched them walk inside to meet the rest of the group that is, as I write this 16 hours later, still on their way to South Africa.

All day I prayed for Melanie–as I spent the morning working at my part-time office job, as I ran errands, as I answered emails. this afternoon I spent an hour on the phone with fellow writer Tricia Goyer, recording her radio show (I was a guest and got to talk about my new book Deeper into the Word), then put in a few more hours of freelance work until my son came home from volleyball practice, and we had some dinner. After dinner my husband called, his car had broken down and he needed me to pick him up.

This morning’s trip to O’Hare was in so many ways significant: a step of trust for me, a step of independence and faith for my daughter. I wish I could take some time to “ponder these things in my heart” but today I was too busy. Or did I choose to be busy to avoid having to ponder? Hmmm….
Thanks for your prayers for our family and especially for my daughter as she follows Jesus’ leadings.