It’s been said that one of the best arguments in favor of Christianity is Christians, and one of the strongest evidences against Christianity is also Christians.

Case in point: The Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church, in rural Kentucky, which this week banned interracial couples from worshipping or attending the church. Read the full story here at

Jesus told us to let our light shine so that God can be glorified. When the church bans interracial couples, or tells abusers to just pray harder and abuse victims to submit, we are not shining the light of Christ, we are spreading the darkness of Satan.

Blogger and fellow Redbud Writer Jenny Rae Armstrong has posts on her blog about this craziness, along with another hot topic:  the church’s response (or lack of response) to domestic violence. I highly recommend her blog to you, she writes compellingly and intelligently about some important topics.  There’s a terrific guest post from Tim about the fact that Old Testament leader Moses was in a inter-racial marriage. She’s at

Here’s my wrestling with this: I go to a church that welcomes people of all races, that has worship leaders and elders of all races. I go to a church that would never tell an abuse victim to submit to further abuse. So the temptation for me is to say, wow, I’m so glad I go to a church that’s not wacky like that one in Kentucky. And the family involved in the Kentucky church plans to change churches. But do we, as members of the Church (the body of Christ) have a responsibility to come alongside churches that are misguided or wrong? Should we, at the very least, speak up and say, that’s not biblical, that doesn’t really represent the heart of God? What is the role of rational Christians when irrational Christians behave badly? How do we shine our light on the situation?