Just a reminder that tomorrow is Father’s Day. I got to spend some time with my dad last week, when he and my mom came out to visit (they live in Calif.).
The more I experience with my kids, the more I appreciate my parents. For example, this week I started teaching my daughter to drive. She’s doing great, but man, there are so many things for her to think about. It’s crazy.
My dad taught me to drive on back roads, in a stick shift Volkswagon Rabbitt. So in addition to turning, accelerating, braking, looking, I had to learn to shift as well! Teaching my daughter to drive an automatic has given me a deeper appreciation of my dad’s amazing patience and kindness. He never yelled. He never grabbed the wheel (which I did the first two times she drove–only to avoid parked cars!!).
Think about struggles you have with your kids–whether it’s getting up with a crying baby in the middle of the night, disciplining a toddler or setting a curfew for your teen. And think about the fact that your parents went through that and more with you.
Then, if you can, call your dad and just say thanks.