You’re weary. I get it. We’ve dealt with so much over the last two years. You’re not sure what next step to take. You think maybe more of God in your life would help, but how does that happen?

What if it begins with simply slowing down, and noticing that God is right there, all around you? What if you could simply embrace some simple spiritual practices to live at God’s pace, and as a result, find some God space?

Maybe your peace and joy feel jostled, crowded by worry, fear, and weariness. I’d like to encourage you, to offer you some practical mentoring on connecting with God. So I wanted to let you know that my book GodSpace: Embracing the Inconvenient Adventure of Intimacy with God, offers that mentoring. And for a very limited time, the Kindle version is on sale for just $1.99. Grab your copy here. 


GodSpace invites you to experience God more deeply and live more joyfully by exploring these seven spiritual practices:

  • Sabbath
  • Hospitality
  • Worship
  • Simplicity
  • Gratitude
  • Generosity
  • Critical thinking

Here’s an excerpt from GodSpace:

Finding God space is like trying to put more air into your

life. Air is all around you, but you don’t notice it. Just as you

may not think about air, you can ignore God if you are moving

too fast, rushing around distracted. By slowing down, you

can begin to see that everyday life is soaked with the presence

of God. You can see God if only you reframe your life a bit.

If you stop, breathe, and live your faith, you engage in what

some call an embodied spirituality. The term embodied spirituality,

like many other terms that belonged in ancient days to

Christianity, has been co‑opted by other traditions—

including Paganism and New Age. My goal is to reclaim for Jesus followers

this accurate descriptor of living faith, to remind us

that it was a Christian term to begin with.

Our faith is not just what we think, or even believe. It’s not

a list of our philosophical oppositions, although to listen to

some Christians, you might mistakenly draw that conclusion.

Our soul, housed in our body, is transformed in part by our

actions and practices, what we do with our body. Simply slowing

down is done with your body.

As the Bible says, “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:20

kjv). We make our faith a reality by what we do. Whether

that’s opening our home to someone as we practice hospitality,

or taking the time to rest on Sabbath, we don’t just contemplate

it, we take bodily action.


GodSpace is on sale today for just $1.99. Click here to start reading it today.