I am about 5000 words away from finishing a book manuscript, you can tell that I’ve been writing more than normal because my house looks like a disaster!

At our house, we each have a chore every week. Last week, mine was to sweep and Swiffer the tile floor in the kitchen and entryway. This week, it was dishes. Today, I finally got to the floor, and spent a half an hour unloading and re-loading the dishwasher and washing pots and pans I’d left undone yesterday.

When other people in my family leave their chores undone, it’s sometimes hard for me to show them grace. I get impatient or mad. But I’m the one who’s being the slacker this week. I had other priorities.

I’m grateful for a family that shows grace. They’ve helped out and not nagged, been supportive and patient. They reminded me, without saying a word, of how I need to be willing to show them the grace they’ve shown me.