So, if you read the previous post and it made you angry or jealous, keep reading. If you said, “Well, she can do that, but I couldn’t possibly…” then let’s talk about it.

I mean, really. Why do I get to go away for the weekend, dropping my responsibilities at home and work to just connect with God, enjoy my friends, and relax?

Maybe you can’t get away for three days–I couldn’t have when my kids were small, but they’re teenagers. But could you get away for one day? Or an hour? Could you take your lunch hour to simply walk in a park or sit in a library by yourself?

So many times we think, when it comes to taking a day off, or an hour to ourselves, “I couldn’t possibly do that. People need me. No one will let me.”

You’re right. No one is going to give you permission, no one is going to dismiss you from your obligations. No one except –you.

When my children were young, I had to fight for even an hour to go out for coffee with a friend. Many times my husband would promise to come home to watch them, and show up late or not at all. So I get it—it’s not easy to take time away. But it’s worth it.

Sabbath is scandalous, in so many ways. It defies our workaholic culture. It says no to our people pleasing that we think is being nice but really is being controlling (“if I do this, you have to like me”). It invites us to stop, to rest–in a culture where people have convinced themselves that they couldn’t possibly stop running, or the world would collapse around them.

How would you complete the sentence, “I couldn’t possibly…” ?

Now, figure out a way to do the thing you think you can’t. Especially if that thing involves simply taking a break. God calls us to work hard, to give him our best effort. But he also invites us to rest. Are you doing both? If not, what keeps you from taking time to rest?