Are you feeling thankful yet? Or just busy?

I’m juggling work, deadlines, and planning dinner for 12 people (five of whom are new to the country, strangers to us, and may not speak much English). I’m an over-planner, trying to figure out exact timetables to get the turkey, potatoes, veggies and stuffing all on the table at the same time, since I”m doing the shopping and cooking for this meal by myself! I’ve actually written out a schedule for the day!

I do love to plan, but I find that if I over-plan, I tend to lose my joy. I never want to forget that holidays are holy days, and this holy day is about gratitude! If you need some perspective on that idea, click here to read my latest “For Your Soul” column at

Also, I just wanted to let you know that I will be a guest on Midday Connection, a great radio program on Moody Radio, tomorrow. The show airs on 90.1 FM in Chicago from noon to 1 p.m. You can also tune in on-line at

I’m going to be talking about making a difference right where you are, as host Anita Lustrea and I talk about my new book, Simple Compassion. I’m bringing a couple of copies of Simple Compassion to give away on the show. And check back at this blog on Wednesday. If you listen to the show I’ll tell you how to get another chance to win a free book here on the blog.

Happy Thanksgiving!