In the past month, I’ve presented nine talks, in three states, been interviewed on six radio programs and one television show. I’ve put about 650 miles on the mini-van, traveling through the snow to speaking gigs and interviews. This is what happens in the month a book comes out—my focus tends to be on launching that book well. I’ve also been furiously working on another book, and two magazine articles. As a result, I have sometimes used this blog to update you on blog tours, events, and so on. My more reflective posts have been rarer this month.

        I got a comment today that called me to task about this. As tempted as I was to not approve the comment, which began, “Keri in all honesty I think you should re name your blog,” I thought it might start an interesting discussion.

               This dear reader accused me of using the blog simply to sell my books (even though you can’t buy the books anywhere on my website). (you can read her whole comment here). She signed her note “A sister in Christ,” and threw in a bible verse to boot.

               Why do people think that they can be mean, as long as they paper it with Scripture and claims of sisterhood?

               Here’s the deal: my blog is a way for me to keep in touch with readers. It is a place where I can share what I’m thinking about, and what God is up to in my life. It’s a place people who have not read my books to learn about them. And this month, my life has been about launching a book that I believe has an important message. But for those of you that agree with this reader, you can expect a return to the more contemplative topics very soon. I’ll take the grain of truth in her note, but I wish she could have found a kinder way to express her concerns.

               Blogging and writing books puts you at risk for criticism, I know. But thankfully, the positive comments usually outnumber the harsh ones. Yesterday, for example, I got an e-mail from another person. She also began with “Can I be honest?” and ended with “You sis in Christ.”

               Thankfully, this letter, from a pastor named Lisa, was the exact opposite of the blog comment.  (although it didn’t seem that way when I read the first line)

            She wrote:

               “Keri, can I be honest? When I first read your works about a Sabbath day I thought you were crazy. How in the world do you have a true Sabbath day I thought? There’s so much to do and even after ministering on Sunday, I’d come home and do laundry because it needed to be done. But after an illness and hospital stay I’ve learned that running at warp speed all the time is not a good thing. Rest is mandatory. This has opened up a whole new way of living for me. I now choose to walk in the joy and peace He promised. And I’m learning how to rest. Yes laundry still needs to be done but I’m not neglecting my well-being and time alone with Him to do it!

               “I discovered your book about a year and a half ago and am just now realizing and living a life of rest and peace. I fall sometimes but I’m adamant about this new way of being.

               “I don’t think you’re crazy anymore!


               Your sis in Christ,

               Pastor Lisa A.”

Which of these readers do you agree with or relate to most? Let’s talk about it!