As Deeply Loved daughters and sons of God, our response is to spill out that love to others. To engage in living out our faith by serving others. As my friend Tim Fall points, out, to practice our religion.

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John Ortberg, in his book The Life You’ve Always Wanted, observes, “The primary reason Jesus calls us to servanthood is not just because other people need our service. It is because of what happens to us when we serve.”

And what is it that happens to us? When we serve others, have an opportunity to become more patient, more kind. The fruit of the spirit has a chance to grow in the soil of servanthood.

This does not mean that we should allow others to take advantage, or live in the crazy-making cycle of co-dependency. Rather, we choose to serve, as Jesus did. We serve as a spiritual practice, intentionally imitating Christ in order to become more like him.

Today, be mindful of opportunities to serve, in small, quiet ways. What thoughts or attitudes turn serving into an opportunity to grow in joy or love? What happens when you choose to serve? Leave a comment below and tell us.