We are about two and half weeks away from Thanksgiving, and six weeks from Christmas. I’ve started making a list, and started baking. Every year, I give home-made goodies to a lot of people on my list. This year I’m sticking to that plan, because I think people appreciate it, and it also is a more economical approach.

I read the Sunday Tribune yesterday (as I do every Sunday) and noticed how many articles there are on ways to save money in a tight economy. I am always glad to find a bargain, but I often talk to people who think that if they curtail their spending, they’re going to have a less enjoyable Christmas. But I think a simpler Christmas is often the more meaningful Christmas. Not to mention, spending less now will make your January, when that credit card bill comes in, much more enjoyable.

But how do you keep spending in check, while still making the holidays special? What are you doing to simplify your Christmas plans? How do you keep the focus on what the celebration is supposed to be about, remembering the birth of Christ?

Let’s discuss this. Leave a comment, and offer suggestions, ask questions.