Poet Muriel Rukeyser concluded one of her powerful poems about women and art by writing these oft-quoted words:

“What would happen in one woman told the truth about her life?
The world would split open.”

another rarely referenced line from the same poem reads:

“the revolutionary look
that says I am in the world
to change the world
my lifetime”

I’m not going to dissect poetry for you, but only tell you this: your voice matters (whether you are a man or a woman–although men seem to have very little trouble embracing this truth). If you have some truth to tell, a story to share, doing so will impact not only your life, but other lives around you. To change the world is not too small of an ambition.

And if you are a Jesus follower, the implications of truth telling are even more profound. Your voice is not just about you, but it is a part of the collective voice of the Kingdom. Your influence is God-given and should somehow seek to honor and further God’s initiatives. if women within the church tell the truth about their lives, it can change the church, which can change the world.

How does that happen? Why does it matter? A handful of Redbud Writers are going to be chatting about “the importance of using your voice for Christ’s Kingdom” at the wonderful Johnsen & Taylor bookstore in Wheaton this Thursday. Come on over and join our conversation!!