Today, I spent most of my time going through the edits on my next book. The editor reads the manuscript, then sends it back with questions, comments, and so on. I have to answer, edit, and so on.

This is the “grind” part of being an author. Did the source I quoted really not use commas where we think they should? Maybe we shouldn’t quote from the TNIV (major trauma, now resolved). You read through your work and see the “track changes” comments on each page and you want to pull your hair out. You want to just get through the 70,000 word manuscript, but then you want to check everything because this is the last time you can try to rewrite to say exactly what you were trying to say–but it has to be done by tomorrow.

I sat at the computer for eight hours today, editing. Did I mention that it was a gorgeous sunny summer day? Finally around 5 p.m. I went outside, and went for a run. My neighbors Bobbie and Colleen were out on Colleen’s porch, just talking. when I got back from my run, I went inside for a drink of water. Then I grabbed the leftover bruschetta I made yesterday, and went over to the porch for a glass of wine and a bit of conversation.

The porch is a place where we connect. We talk about everything from hair color to the keys to a good marriage, from the walk your schedule day at the junior high today to how to impart our values to our children. I’m blessed to live in a great neighborhood where I have close friends across the street and next door. But part of what makes it great is that I have learned when to get off the computer and go bring some bruschetta and bread over to the porch.

Do you have a porch? A place in your neighborhood where you gather to just connect, to just love on your neighbors?