A few years ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Professor Devin Brown, an expert on C.S. Lewis, for a magazine article. Dr. Brown talked about the “sacramental ordinary” moments in Lewis’ novels, especially the Chronicles of Narnia. Moments that are on the surface, ordinary: like Lucy having tea with the faun, Mr. Tumnus. And yet, there’s something in the description of that moment that makes it sacred, special.  When he introduced me to the idea, I began to watch for such moments in my own life: moments that seem ordinary, and yet, are imbued with sacred meaning.

I’m writing on my laptop, on my bed surrounded by half folded laundry. In my daughter’s room down the hall, my kids are hanging photos. My daughter, the photographer, asked her brother, the graphic artist, for opinions on which photos to display where. They discuss color and composition, banter and laugh. It is in many ways an ordinary night at home.

But I’m aware of the gift: my kids not only get along but also have a friendship where they can laugh together, hang photos together. Their easy way of being together is not typical of teenage siblings, I think. There is a sacred gift in their friendship–a gift that extends not just to the two of them, but to me as their mom.

As a family, we’re in a season of many challenges–far more than I can explain here. In the midst of that, I’m thankful for the friendship between my 18 year old daughter and 16 year old son. The murmurs of quiet conversation down the hall offers a moment of sacramental ordinary, flooding my soul with gratitude.

I’m also aware that in less than six months, my daughter will be moving across the country to go to college. I know how much I will miss her–and how much her little brother will miss her. These sacramental ordinary moments take on a deeper significance in light of the impending changes.

Do you take time to notice the blessings of ordinary moments? The smells and sights was you take that first sip of morning coffee while staring out the kitchen window; the sudden ah-ha of conversation with a good friend; the startling revelation of new flowers blooming in the front yard. Be on the lookout for such moments, moments of sacramental ordinary, and share them with us here.