For the last several years, I have had the privilege of serving as one of a dozen or so “regular contributors” to Today’s Christian Woman magazine. I’ve written dozens of articles for them, and built friendships with many wonderful editors there.

So I was sad to hear the news today that Christianity Today Inc. (which publishes many magazines, including its flagship publication Christianity Today) announced that TCW is ceasing publication.

Last week, I started getting e-mails from my editors at  CTI, telling me that I’d now be working with a different editor, because they’d been laid off. The news today confirmed that CTI is laying off employees and shutting down four of its many publications. Christianity Today magazine is still afloat, at least for now.

This is sad for the folks who got laid off, but it’s also sad for me as a freelancer. This is the second time in a few months that a magazine I write for regularly has folded (Discipleship Journal was the first fatality–you can click here to read my post about that).

This is frustrating. I’ve built relationships with editors, and found great satisfaction in contributing to publications I believed were doing important work, helping people grow. But the world, and the way it distributes information, is changing.

This is a time when I will grieve, but I will also move on. Rather than simply bemoan the changes, the challenge is now to adapt to those changes, to find new places to write, new places to ply my trade. I’m looking at other magazines, websites and other venues. And of course, still writing books and speaking.

Perhaps you’ve had changes in your life that have thrown you off balance. How do you respond to change? do you look for new paths, or hunker down and complain? In the midst of loss, we must acknowlege the challenges but also search for opportunities. If we adapt, we survive.