Well, Elizabeth in the financial aid office at AMDA e-mailed me to tell me that the donations have started to come in for Lawrice. How very exciting! Together, a diverse team of people who don’t even all know each other are making a difference.

I’ve also received several e-mails from people who’ve said they plan to donate, but also to forward the info about our attempts to help Lawrice follow his dreams.

My pastor Bill Hybels used to say about the church, “We come together to do what none of us could do alone.” And that’s what we’re doing here–working together to achieve something none of us could do by ourselves.

I hope you’ll join in by either donating or forwarding the request for donations and prayer.

I got a sweet note from Lawrice the other day, thanking me. “I think that you have been sent to me as an angel from God…” he wrote. But really, it is I who have been blessed by this whole experience. I wish each of you could experience what it is like to do this. Whether or not God calls you to give to this particular cause or not, my prayer for you is that you will watch for an opportunity to be the hands of Jesus to someone God puts in your path. And then, to seize that opportunity–not for the sake of the person you assist, and not even to make God happy. But because it is the most meaningful experience in the world, to do what God asks and bless another person. I wish I could explain adequately what an amazing and empowering experience it is. But I think you have to experience it for yourself.

By the way, I think another way you could help, if you are so inclined, is to donate airline miles so Lawrice can get out to California. (or back home for Christmas).  Just a thought…