candleSo often we reduce the season of Lent, if we acknowledge it at all, to giving up some indulgence. But this “spiritual spring” is also a season of “taking up.” We take up our cross, we take up a spiritual practice. Pay attention to how God would have you fill the space in your life created by your abstinence.

One of the practices I’m adding is to blog six days a week during Lent, offering my spiritual gifts of teaching and encouragement. the trick is to do this without self-focus. My goal is to articulate the stirrings of God in my heart, and point others toward him.

Here are two other great posts on the Lenten season:
This one’s from my friend Nicole Unice on giving up makeup for Lent.
The second is from my friend Ruth Haley Barton, on the real question of the Lenten season (hint: it’s not necessarily what are you giving up?)