Yesterday, I blogged about a quiet morning. Today was a completely different kind of day.
I was the one with an early client meeting. My son got ready for the carpool to pick him up for volleyball camp, and I was pouring coffee in my commuter cup. My husband was watching TV, trying to make conversation about the content of the commercials (“look at that! a bulldog on a skateboard”) and asking me about my meeting. Trying to connect, but I was distracted.
From my back-to-back morning meetings, I drove home, stopping at the grocery store, then took my son to his driver’s ed class, ran to the bank. Came back and worked for a while, went to pick my son up (no carpool for this class, alas).
I took him to a friend’s, then came home to prep for dinner–we’re having some friends over–very casual but still needing some work. I took the dog for a walk/run just to get some exercise.
Maybe your life is similarly busy. Maybe your life is really noisy because your young children are in your hair 24-7. You can’t wait til you have teens like I do, who will lock themselves in their room for hours.
What do you do with the noise? How do you find a way to connect with God in the chaos?
(Gotta go, my dinner guests are here!!)