There are few phrases that can stir up argument as readily as “biblical womanhood” or “biblical manhood.” Patriarchists particularly have used those words to define roles within hierarchy–telling women that the bible restricts their participation in the body of Christ.

Laura, who blogs over at Enough Light, came across a book published by a local church in her state (South Carolina), entitled “Biblical Femininity.”

Laura has tried to be diplomatic in her review, but notes

“While Biblical Femininity attempts to be diplomatic and avoid extremes,  the remainder of this review will be more critical. The book is based on faulty exposition of Genesis 1-3 and imposes things on the Scripture that is simply not there. Of course, we can all be guilty of this and no one is purely objective, yet I hope to graciously point out some major flaws and inconsistencies in the foundational principles this book is based upon. When the foundation is off it leads to conclusions that are also faulty.” 

Read her entire review here.  It is very well done.

Please click over and read her review of this book. And then consider the question: why does a church feel a need to write a book like this? What does it accomplish? It seems to me that someone is wanting women to know their place, to behave.

I don’t know the story of this church or why they published this book.

But I do want to say: it is possible to believe in the truth of the Bible, but interpret Genesis 1-3 in a completely different way.

I’m also curious to hear your stories. Have you been a part of a church that teaches this interpretation, that says women and men have different “roles” (which are restricted for women, but not for men)?