Every person is creative. Why? Because we are made in the image of our Creator.

So every person is, in some way, an artist. some work with paint, or words, or clay. Others mold little lives, or shape the story of a company, or make something beautiful by providing care as a doctor, EMT, therapist. Still others bring order out of chaos.

But some folks don’t realize they are artists, so they don’t nurture their creativity. They say, “I’m not creative” and this becomes truth as a result.

For those of you believe in your own creativity, who want to nurture your inner artist, who want to dedicate your art (whether that be painting, dance, writing, music or whatever) to God, I have a recommendation. Plan to attend the Karitos Christian Arts Conference next month.

I happen to be speaking at this gathering. I’ll lead three seminars, and give a keynote on Saturday afternoon. Learn more at www.karitos.com